• Why build a precast concrete home?

Concrete homes are extremely sound and durable. A total precast home is extremely mold and mildew resistant compared to a traditional wood or brick home. Total precast homes can provide long clear spans for a very flexible design. Precast concrete homes have a very high fire rating and provide a great storm shelter because of their strength.

• Why use concrete construction for a prefabricated building?

Customer gets all the benefits of concrete. Precast concrete construction is extremely fast. Buildings can be erected in any weather condition including harsh winters. Considering a great competition in precast industry you will always get affordable prices.

• What is the difference between Precast concrete construction vs. traditional construction?

Precast concrete construction lessens the construction process which saves money on financing costs.

• How flexible is precast concrete design?

Whetever precast structural building system you would like to choose, the design possibilities of concrete construction are endless. Get in touch with us to learn more.

• Why use Prestressed Concrete vs Regular Concrete?

Prestressed concrete has very good crack control and strength to weight ratio. Precast concrete is able to create longer, thinner spans than regular concrete.

• Why is concrete so heavy?

In fact, concrete is actually 31% of the weight of structural steel. Concrete weights 2500kg/m3, steel is 7850kg/m3. In office structures, a completed concrete structure (floors, walls, roof, beams, columns etc.) could be as much as 19% heavier than a composite steel frame and concrete slab building.

• Still have doubts?

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